Introduction to Pippy Pants – Pants and Sock Unite!

Introduction to Pippy Pants – Pants and Sock Unite!

How much time have you wasted looking for your kid’s missing socks or trying to match up pairs after doing laundry? We are guessing a lot! Kids are notorious for loving to pull off their socks and throw them to the side. The problem is the socks often go missing! Parents find themselves buying pair after pair of socks only to end up with a bunch of mismatched pairs. What if we told you there is a solution to this ever-present problem?


Pippy Pants

The all-new Pippy Pants are the answer to all your sock problems! Pippy Pants literally combine socks and pants into one clothing item. The socks are sewn into the pants so they can’t be pulled off by your little one. The pants are 100% cotton, 100% comfortable, and 100% cute! Your little one will look adorable in these stylish pants. The pants come in sizes NB-6Y meaning you can get replacement pairs as your baby grows into a toddler and then into an elementary-aged child!


The Benefits

It goes without saying, but Pippy Pants have endless benefits. We know you only want the best products for your little one and we have created a product that’s comfortable, stylish, and helpful! Check out some of the excellent benefits:

  • No more kiddos removing socks: If there’s one thing kids love, it’s pulling off their socks. Maybe they have hot feet? Or maybe they think it’s fun? Whatever the reason, all parents share the common problem of socks ending up everywhere but the kid’s feet. With Pippy Pants, the socks are sewn into the pants so kids can’t remove them even if they try!
  • No more searching endlessly for matching socks: Let’s set the scene. You are in a rush to get out the door, all you have to do is to put socks on your kid. Easier said than done. If you’re like most parents, your kid’s sock drawer is full of single socks, missing their matching pairs. Parents either succumb to their kid wearing mismatched socks, or they spend a lot of time and money ordering numerous pairs of socks to replace missing ones. Pippy Pants completely solves this problem. You will never have to search for a matching pair of socks because they are sewn right into the pants!
  • No more socks lost in the washing machine: Think about how easy it is to lose adult socks in the washing machine. This issue is magnified when it comes to kid’s socks because they are so tiny! Whether they fall behind the washing machine or get lost somewhere in the laundry bin, lost socks are a common issue in homes with young children. Pippy Pants mean no more lost socks! You would have to lose the entire pair of Pippy Pants in order to lose the socks, and that is hard to do!
  • No more figuring out which socks fit: It’s impossible to tell if a pair of socks still fit unless your kid puts them on. With Pippy Pants, no more sock try-ons. Once your kid starts to grow out of the Pippy Pants, just size up and you know both the pants and socks will fit.
  • No more ankle gap: Have you ever thought about how cold that little gap of skin between the socks and pants must be for your kid during the winter? Instead of investing in kiddie boots or uncomfortable high socks, use Pippy Pants to close the gap!


What About Footie Pants?

We know what you’re thinking, what about footie pants? While footie pants certainly share some of these same benefits, Pippy Pants far surpass them due to a variety of factors. First, footie pants are very difficult to fit into shoes. Since Pippy Pants have actual socks attached to them, your kids will be able to fit into their shoes just like they do in regular socks. Another benefit is that Pippy Pants look like your kid is wearing regular socks and pants. Footie pants are cute and all, but often they look like a pair of pajamas!


The Perfect Gift

While Pippy Pants are a great clothing item to get your own children, they also make the perfect gift. Pippy Pants are the kid’s clothing product that every parent needs! These pants are perfect for bridal shower gifts. Often new moms won’t know about the pulling off socks issue and will be grateful to receive this product. Pippy Pants are also great for birthday and Christmas gifts.


Pants and Socks Unite

The concept of Pippy Pants is so simple yet so enticing. It’s perfect for busy parents who don’t have time to spend searching for socks and matching them up. The pants and socks are comfortable for your child and are stylish as well! Buy your kids a few pairs because once you start using Pippy Pants, you won’t want to go back to regular pants and socks! We know what you’re thinking… Do Pippy Pants come in adult sizes? Rest assured, a plan is in the works. If you have any questions about Pippy Pants or want to place an order for your kiddos, contact us today!