Pippy Pants is LIVE on Kickstarter

Pippy Pants is LIVE on Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered where all those missing socks go? Whether they are lost in the laundry or thrown off in some mysterious location, let’s face it, kid’s socks go missing all the time. Between cold feet and having to constantly buy new pairs of socks, there must be an easier way!

Pants & Socks Unite!

Pippy Pants is the answer to all your sock-related problems. This stylish piece of clothing combines socks and pants! Pippy Pants are designed for kids ages 0-6. Socks are unable to go missing because they are literally attached to the pants! No more searching for matching socks, figuring out which pairs still fit, or watching your kids throw off their socks never to be seen again!

Pippy Pants are easy to put on. Simply pull up the pants, adjust the socks, and your kid is ready to go! The waistband is elastic making it comfortable and flexible for your active child. The socks contain non-slip grippers so that your kids will have traction even when they are running around on slippery floors. The pants are 100% cotton to ensure ultimate comfort. Pippy Pants are machine washable and can be put in the dryer on a low setting.

Another benefit of Pippy Pants is parents don’t have to worry about perfectly matching socks to the outfit. Pippy Pants are color and designed coordinated, ensuring that the attached socks always match the pants. The pant/sock combo is ideal for cold weather. No more chilly ankles because the gap between the pants and socks is gone! Pippy Pants can be worn either rolled up at the bottom in a cuff or relaxed on the feet/shoes. Pick the style that you like best and mix it up!

All About the Style 

Currently Pippy Pants come in two adorable, gender-neutral styles. The Pippy combines solid-colored pants with striped socks while The Lolly combines striped pants with solid-colored socks. As we expand and continue to grow, the goal is to add more style options including socks with animals on them, different color pants, and other themed socks such as football and ballet!

Be One of the First! 

Think Pippy Pants sound too good to be true? Luckily, you can be one of the first to experience the benefits of this amazing, combined outfit. Check out our early bird pricing and special bundle deals so you can be one of the first to buy Pippy Pants and try them out on your kids! Once you have one pair, we know you will want more!