Pippy Pants

The Bear - Soft Stretch Pull On Pants


Pants and Socks UNITE!

Great! It's the end of your little ones' playdate and their socks are nowhere to be found. You're apologetically explaining to your mom friend as you comb through her home, fruitlessly searching. She gets it. She's been there. But, it's still frustrating and embarrassing. Plus, you really liked those socks! It's okay - there's a new solution to this age-old problem - Pippy Pants. In fact, these pants-and-sock combos solve lots of problems. Your child can no longer pull off their socks, nor lose them. Their socks won't go missing in the laundry. You save time, eliminating the need to find matching socks. Plus, your little one enjoys a snug fit without a breezy ankle gap.

The Bear is an attractive combo featuring adorable tan socks with a teddy bear pattern sewn into the bottom of dark grey joggers with accent buttons. Your little one will be comfortable, stylish, warm, and reliable stocking-footed!

The Pippy Pants Difference:

  • NO more kiddos removing socks
  • NO more searching endlessly for matching socks
  • NO more matching socks to their partners
  • NO more socks lost in the washing machine
  • NO more figuring out which socks still fit
  • NO more ankle gap when it’s cold outside

…AND they still look like you're wearing regular pants and socks.


Product Details


  • 96% cotton / 4% spandex
  • Super-soft fabric
  • Slim-fit unisex pants
  • Comfort stretch waistband for easy on & off


  • 75% cotton / 20% polyester / 5% spandex
  • Seamless construction for ultra-comfort
  • Ribbing at top
  • Bump-free toe seam
  • Rubber grippers on the socks for extra traction