The Pippy Pants Promise


Hi, my name is Katy! My husband (Chris) and I have two children Brady and Ella. I first became frustrated with socks when Brady began crawling. He would take his socks off constantly. Even when we were in the car he would take his socks off, and this was especially aggravating during the cold winter months. I’d have to search endlessly as to where he tossed his socks, and no way could I take him in a store (or elsewhere) barefoot. This wasn’t my only issue with socks. When I took my son outside he would have an ankle gap, you know that area of skin showing between the socks and pants. No matter what I tried this gap was always showing, and just made being outside more of a struggle. My frustration with socks didn’t end there. I had other issues such as not finding matching socks, socks getting lost in the washing machine, and having to purchase way too many socks. This is when I thought, why can’t I just sew the socks to the pants, then all these issues would be solved! I fell in love with the pants, all of my issues were magically gone! This is when I realized I wanted to turn my idea into a business that could help many other parents. Sock Bottoms was born! There's a little love in each pair of Sock Bottoms.

With Love,