Pippy Pants

The Bellina - Soft Stretch Leggings


Pants and Socks UNITE!
  • Leggings with socks attached
  • Never lose socks again
  • Black soft and stretchy leggings
  • Adorable pink and Ivory ballet sock design
  • Rubber grippers on the socks for extra traction
  • Pants: 96% cotton / 4% spandex
  • Socks: 75% cotton / 20% polyester / 5% spandex

The Pippy Pants Difference:

  • NO more kiddos removing socks
  • NO more searching endlessly for matching socks
  • NO more matching socks to their partners
  • NO more socks lost in the washing machine
  • NO more figuring out which socks still fit
  • NO more ankle gap when it’s cold outside

…AND they still look like you're wearing regular pants and socks.